Mark lamare

Oct/27/2020 02:41:01

Do you know that Mark Lamare ex-teacher of Auxilium Girls' Higher Secondary School, Nongthymmai, Shillong, Meghalaya, India got fired because he complained to Sister Joplin Suchiang that more than half of the Class 11 and 12 girls send him love letters?😉
He started working in the school in April 2017, but got fired at the end of the year, that sucks doesn't it M.🤣😼 I mean like you were the best Math teacher the school ever had. But just so you know I don't feel sorry for you.😆
You know you love me
XOXO Gossip Girl💋
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Anonymous 2020-10-27 08:15;41

Anonymous 2020-10-27 08:17;01
Poor guy, should have kept his mouth shut 🤐😒

renee 2020-11-17 16:21;45

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