What drama means

Nov/13/2020 08:26:54

Spotted: Looks like little Tati doesnt know what drama means even though she had plenty last year. Btw this is gossip girl. Just Gossip Girl. You get it I have no name but Gossip Girl. Drama is in real life this is gossip thats why my name is on the title you understand no I dont think so luv so maybe you should search up what does gossip mean and maybe you'll learn better :). Didnt u not see the rules no you didnt. I simply said no calling people names no being mean and than you just call it drama is my name drama girl no its gossip girl i bet u won't see this but ik your classmates will :)
Posted by GossipGirl

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Ximena García 2020-11-27 11:20;12
Su novio le terminó por insoportable

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