Your a bad bleep period

Nov/14/2020 20:25:46

Hey guys it dez just want to say something. I've beeen waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy to nice. People always tryna start beef with me ugh. People are always saying that im shy and quiet but i really just have to get comfortable with you before wildin out lol. Yeah and me and this girl at school she just started going off on me sisss i did nothing to youuu like the hell. I can take a joke but i cant take the disrespect. Learn the difference :). Sometimes you just gotta say what the fraking freak and move on.And the girl that was going off at me just bc like I was just trying to tell people about gossip girl to hear daily positivity and she just thought i was trying to start drama and when i was trying to explain she kept spamming likee ummm chileee.... Yeah anyway she litterly rlly said i cant read on freaking audio probably like when i studder but it doesnt mean i cant read so look i was shy like why wouldnt I so bassically In elementary school when we would have to read out loud to the class from the text book I would litterly count the kids infront of me and figure out what section I was reading so i can practice it before it got to my turn & I think thats where my anxiety started so ya. And she was just talking about alot of old crap Like you gotta let that old crap go and live. I honestly am a nice person, but people really do love bringing out the mean side of me. And who evers reading this just remember that YOUR A BAD BLEEP AND NO ONE CAN TELL YOU DIFFERENT SIS YOUR INCREDIBLE DONT LET NO OTHER GIRL BRING U DOWN SO THEY CAN FEEL GOOD ABOUT THEMSELVES JUST TAKE MY ADVICE HERE whoever dont like you they wack anyway AND THATS ON PERIOD GO IN THE MIRROR AND TELL YOUR SELF YOUR A BAD BLEEEP NOWWWW. Good night everyonee
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William Carrington 2020-11-21 09:57;30
What a bitch

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