Does a wardrobe define you?

Dec/10/2020 00:44:56

I find it hard to accept that a 28-year old me dresses like a 45-year old granny. What to do about this?
Posted by GossipGirl

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Anonymous 2020-12-10 05:55;01
You should buy new dress.

Anonymous 2020-12-10 08:28;15
wear what you want girl!!! + vintage is cute periodt

Anonymous 2020-12-12 06:24;12
Look for your style, it may take a while, but over time you will find ...
Look for inspiration on the internet, maybe you'll find it on Pinterest, there are lots of ideas there.
Or maybe it's just your style, if you don't identify with anything, follow how you dress today. Xoxo

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