A forbidden love ...

Dec/26/2020 19:31:34

Well you see usually I wouldn't turn to afake gossip girl account to rant about my feelings for a boy but it turns out i have no one to talk about it to . It's all well and good seeing Blair and Chuck find happiness eventually but i can't help but wonder if maybe my chuck is falling for the wrong girl , I watch them every day at school only falling deeper into eachothers eyes and it makes my heart ache . He left me with no reason for our breakup and i didn't realise until now that i let him walk away from me without that understanding as to why it ended . And now ... to see him holding hands with her whilst i sit in my self loathing for letting him slip away . The saddest part is i am only realising now that i am in love with him . And there is absolutely nothing i can do about it.The best advice i can give is to never let them walk away from you , no matter how much denial you are in make sure you chase them even if it doesn't affect what happens . At least they know you made the effort and didn't sit there showing no remorse . Make sure they know that you tried and you won't wait forever , XOXO gOSSIP GIRL - ps KC i know you won't ever see this but i love you and i always will
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