Chuck bass dead?

Jan/11/2021 12:36:41

Oh do I have news on Chuck Bass. Wouldn't
you like to know? I'm sure Blair is dying
for an update, maybe not though since we've
heard she's cozying up to a Prince Louis Of
Monaco. See, that is just the thing, Chuck's
the one dying. I hear Chuck Bass was shot
defending a precious possession for none
other than B herself. How do I know? Why,
Serena Van Der Woodsen was spotted heading
into the coroners office to identify a body
for a 'Mr Bass' and Bart's dead so... you
can connect the dots. Keep you posted.
Xoxo Gossip Girl
Posted by GossipGirl

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B 2021-1-22 12:25;42
Chuck was sh0t? Send me details or i SWEAR there will be consequences. B.

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