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Jan/11/2021 12:57:26

Hey Upper East Siders,
I know I'm an anonymous sight but I have something I just have to share with you all. I wouldn't feel like I was doing my job if I didn't. We all know that I am the greatest insider. Well, I managed to get my hands on our very own SVDW's phone yesterday and slip it back with out a notice. You're probably wondering why that matters and why I would tell SVDW that I took her phone. Its because of what I found .I found the cutest and most informative little message from none other than Blairs bf, Nate just waiting for me to open. Just read this for yourself:
Serena, I know you don't want to hear from me but we need to talk about what happened that night. I've always had feelings for you and have never been able to admit it because of Blair. I feel so guilty but I can't keep lying to her. I'm telling her tonight. Ill meet you after at the Palace if you want to discuss our feelings, because I know you feel it too, that kind of kiss and that kind of love was too real too just be a drunk mistake. It has to mean something. Ill be there at 9 and I'll wait no longer than 30 minutes for you. If you don't arrive, I close my heart to you forever, please don't make me do this Serena, I really, really don't want to.
- Love, N
Uh oh B, looks like N and S have been sneaking around. Guess golden boy isn't so golden after all. Maybe this explains S's sudden departure. Send me your opinions. Oh, and B, any blackmail and/or leverage on Serena, I'll be willing to share it.
XOXO Gossip Girl.
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Blair 2021-1-12 05:31;30
Oh salut Gossip, alors je suis pas étonné parce que a vrai dire Serena couche avec tout mes exs,mes copains, mais grace a son passage dans l'hopital normalement elle ne devrai plus faire se genre de conneries

Gossip girl 2021-1-22 12:29;29
@Blair Serena a toujours dormi et a toujours été une pute, tu l'as dit toi-même mais n'agis pas tout haut et puissant. Je te vois te faufiler avec Chuck et je t'ai vu dans le club burlesque, tu as de la chance que je n'ai pas partagé ce que je sais de toi. j'ai besoin de vous pour des informations sur vos précieux n et s.

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