Serena van der woodsen

Feb/26/2021 04:07:26

spoted serena van der woodsen slept with nate
Posted by GossipGirl

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Anonymous 2021-4-27 08:26;48
i just see serena with nate kissing oh gosh !!

J 2021-4-27 10:54;20
S and lonely boy seen talking at cafe, only S doesn’t seem to happy. I’d this the final end or will they bounce back?

Nia 2021-7-27 11:38;33
Cool 😎

Fran 2023-7-28 23:50;17
Xoxo gossip girl

kat 2023-7-31 23:43;50
gossip girls back!

sam 2024-1-3 08:09;05
we all know nate and serena were meant to be from the start

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