Chuck bass getting ass

Apr/10/2021 00:54:49

Chuck bass seen flirting with blair as she was strutting into the met-gala in her louis vouitons. their night of fun was one hell of a run

you know you love me xoxo
gossip girl
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Jenny 2021-4-12 15:41;39
omg i knew blair and chuck were a thing

Serena 2021-4-19 05:14;48
Chuck, really?

lol 2021-4-20 05:58;08
I've always shipped them😌

Anonymous 2021-4-25 07:00;55
chuck bass a flirter avec une certaine héléne

Anonymous 2021-4-25 07:02;39
serena esseye d'amadouer une prof

blair 2022-5-7 10:26;37

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