Lonely boy and blair ???

Aug/05/2021 21:40:05

Gossip Girl here with another scandalous
truth to be told, looks like lonely boy and queen b have been spending a lot more time together , its grow's , it cries , it 'screams , it doesn't sleep mhm wonder would it could be ?? a baby I should say.

XOXO-Gossip Girl

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ex-boyfriend 2021-8-7 19:10;54
my ex-boyfriend sleep with my best friend while we were together

anonomus 2021-11-18 01:43;09
where is lonely boy thesse days humor on the way or a baby i can say

Serena and Nate 2022-6-28 12:13;40
I get that Serena and dan are like THE couple but Serena should've ended with Nate instead of that hairy Humphrey

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