Pinkphantress is homophobic!!!!

Mar/11/2022 14:10:53

A favorite among the bisexual community, Pink Phantass turned out to be completely homophobic. Since last Saturday, December 20, at the Constance Billiard High School Christmas festival, she insulted a student with the term fag!!!, did you expect that from her? I do not
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xoxo44 2022-3-11 15:40;03
Give me my sire back.

xoxo44 2022-3-11 15:40;46
S give me my site back or i’ll take it back.

Gossip Girl 2022-3-11 15:42;21
Hello followers, I’m the real Gossip Girl and this site is a fake.
You know you love me
xo xo

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