Did you miss me?

Jun/01/2022 06:37:38

Hey Upper East Siders,, Sorry I left you hanging, Sometimes everyone needs a break. Especially yours truely. During my time away LOTS has happened, Hmm where will I start? Well let’s start at the beginning.
Well for starters, So many celebs have been cancelled, Johnny Depp and Amber Heards court case ended, Stranger things 4 has came out, Lots has happened, Anyways. That’s my May update
You know you love me,

(p.s. 001 is vecna in stranger things xo xo)

what good is a gossip girl without spilling all the deets? 💋💋

xo xo, Gossip Girl
Posted by GossipGirl

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nate archibald 2022-6-12 12:45;29
hello gossip girl i need you to do Something pls call me at the irislebrun94@gmail.com pls signed by NATE ARCHIBALD

8272mike 2022-6-21 10:29;25
I’m new on this page

beautyqueen3209 2022-7-18 19:33;59
i suddenly have caught feelings for the one and only chuck bass. we need to get him aware of the situation ASAP as i am in need of his presence.

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